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≪ Live Concerts & Staging Production ≫

【Date】February. 5 (Wed) 16:00~16:45

Artist / Music Producer

Live Entertainment Produced by LDH

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To be announced...

≪ Amusement Industry Worldwide ≫

【Date】February. 5 (Wed) 14:00~14:45

Dennis Speigel
President & Founder
International Theme Park Services, Inc. (ITPS)
Past Chairman
International Association of Amusement Parks & Attractions (IAAPA)

Global Trends in the Theme Park and Amusement Industry

< Abstract >
The theme park and amusement industry has greatly evolved in the last several years.  These changes have impacted our culture, the way we socialize and communicate, and the way that families plan vacations.  Following a brief historical review of the fascinating evolution of theme parks, this speech will further explain how themes and brands have had the most impact, and how the theme park and leisure industry has created a substantial economic impact across the globe.

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Internationally recognized as a leader and expert in the amusement industry with over 50 years of experience, Dennis Speigel founded International Theme Park Services, Inc. (ITPS) in 1983.   His vast experience in analyzing, developing, planning, designing, opening, and managing theme parks and attractions has made Dennis a sought-after speaker, consultant, teacher, and advisor.  He is past Chairman of the International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions (IAAPA).  During his tenure, Dennis led the charge to bring Japan into the IAAPA.  He has been awarded not only IAAPA’s Meritorious Service Award, but also its Lifetime Achievement Award for his illustrious service to the global industry.  ITPS has worked on over 500 projects in 50 countries.

≪ International Theme Parks ≫

【Date】February. 7 (Fri) 12:00~12:45

Paul Rivet
Entertainment & Costuming,
Walt Disney Attractions Japan/
Disney Parks Live Entertainment

Disney Entertainment Show Engagement

< Abstract >
Theme-park visitors want to see and experience live entertainment in a way that transcends visual imagery and spectacular effects. Today’s activations compete with multiple media content platforms and delivery devices and must continue to differentiate to truly engage audiences emotionally.

< Profile >
Entertainment industry professional with over 25-years experience in a variety of entertainment-related roles including creative show development, theme park operations, live show production, event design, production management, and department management. Project scope ranges from seasonal event planning, live theater performances, purpose-built venue development to parades and spectaculars, stage shows and character activations. Your Entertainment memories should be the lasting souvenir you take away from your theme-park experience.

≪ Digital Marketing ≫

【Date】February. 5 (Wed) 12:00~12:45

Rubén González
Delegate in Japan
International Business Development

Digital Marketing and Social Media Strategy of LaLiga

< Abstract >
LaLiga is an innovative sports organization that is constantly adapting to the new trends of the digital market. In the past season, LaLiga’s digital strategy resulted in a growth of 47.9% and the opening of up to 10 platforms. Discover more on LaLiga’s approach.

< Profile >
Versatile expert in Communications and Business Development with 11 years of experience in different football sectors in Europe, America, and Africa: from the media, through private companies and clubs to the best football league in the world. In LaLiga, after leading the African continent for two seasons, he has made the leap to Asia to work in one of the most exciting markets in the world, Japan.

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